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Monday, September 12, 2011

I Applied Again

I am back to using this site and it has been years since I posted but I am thinking I should try this again. Maybe someday it will stick.
It is that time of year again. The time when many of my Disney peeps need to look at themselves and decide should I apply to be a member of the Mom's Panel. As many of us know this is more than just a panel of moms telling you what to do with kids at Disney. This is a community above all else. I have had the pleasure to meet a few of the members over the years and have found them to be magical in and of themselves to be around or to talk to. So that makes me wonder can I be that magical? Do I have what it takes?
I would like to think I do. Helping people plan their Disney Vacation I think is the easy part for the panelist, but this is just my opinion from someone who has never been lucky enough to be a member. I am always in awe of the magic that seems to accompany each of the members as well.
I absolutely love helping people plan magical vacations and I have gotten some feed back from friends and family telling me I made a difference in the trip they planned and that is what makes me smile. This has helped me make the decision that yes I can help bring the magic to others and  help make a Disney trip even more magical for everyone. So YES I am applying to be a WDW MOM like I have almost every year since the beginning (I had to miss last yr and it broke my heart). I may not make it again but I keep following my dream and someday my wish will come true.
So to all my fellow applicants I wish you arms full of pixie dust and lets enjoy this magical journey °o°

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year New Me

So every year when January comes around you see all the fitness equipment go on-sale, gym memberships become cheaper and diet places run specials. As much as I know I need to still loose some of the baby weight from Aidan, I am just not ready for all that yet. I have a messed-up ankle and want to try to avoid a third surgery.
Therefore, I am going to do something I know I can do and I am inviting you to follow along. I am going to grow my hair out. As you can see from my profile pic I have pretty short hair and just last summer it was down to my shoulders. I am not sure how long I want it this time. 
I have already started. I went to visit my amazing stylist Jeff of Jeffrey Roberts Salon and have give him the word. "Do not let me chop it off" I got a little trim tonight to get me started and now it will be 7 weeks until my next appointment. This is a change from the 3-4 weeks I would have to go with short hair. 
I am hoping once my hair gets to where I want it my ankle will be ready to work me with and start the loose the baby weight quest.
Jeffrey Roberts

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18 Months going on 18 yrs or at least 6

So over the weekend I was being a "box person" trying to catch a little bit of Lou Mongello's meet after the marathon from the Magic Kingdom. Aidan, my adorable 18 month old was being his usual destructive self in the living room with me. Then he wandered off to our back room which is also our computer room/play area. Then I felt the breeze........... I got up to investigate and our sliding glass door had been unlocked and opened and Aidan was in the snow trying to make his ways to the swing set. I go running out and brining him in to change him out of all the wet clothes. I told Jeff about this and the both of us started to worry if Aidan does this at 18 months what will be next. Our oldest Riley was such a nice quiet boy and we never had any of this to deal with.
You would think we would learn. About an hour later Jeff was with Aidan and again he wander into the back room unlocked and opened the door to try again. This time he wasn't wearing shoes and came running back on his own saying he was cold.
Needless to say we are on a hunt to find a more complicated lock for our little escape artist.
Are we alone in our struggle to stay one step ahead of Aidan?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting a blog

This is a test post to see what I am actually doing. Thanks for stopping by and if anyone would like to give me some pointers I will gladly accept them.